This page will eventually provide a list of features that have appeared in RAIL EXPRESS over the years, but for now it just gives a run down of all the Retrospectrum features that have so far appeared in the magazine.

ScotRail (RE95)
Railfreight (RE97)
Loadhaul (RE99)
Railfreight Red Stripe (RE101)
Large Logo blue (RE103)
Network SouthEast (RE105)
Provincial/Regional Railways (RE107)
InterCity Executive (RE109)
Parcels red/grey (RE111)
Mainline Freight (RE113)
British Railways green (RE115)
General grey (RE117)
Stratford silver/grey roofs (RE119)
Network SouthEast – revised (RE122)
Transrail Freight (RE124)
Civil Engineer’s ‘Dutch’ grey/yellow (RE126)
GWR green specials (RE128)
InterCity Mainline (RE130)
BR specials (RE132)
Rail express systems (RE134)
Railfreight General (RE137)
Railfreight Distribution/Speedlink Distribution (RE138)
Railfreight/Trainload Petroleum (RE140)
Railfreight/Trainload Construction (RE142)
Railfreight/Trainload Metals & Automotive (RE144)
Railfreight/Trainload Coal (RE146)
British Rail Telecommunications (RE148)
Research Department & Technical Services (RE152)
InterCity Swallow (RE154)
Railfreight Distribution ‘European’ (RE156)
Direct Rail Services  – original  (RE158)
Porterbrook purple/white (RE160)
British Steel (RE163)
Royal Train Claret (RE165)
Waterman Railways black  (RE167)
Freightliner grey (RE169)

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