New issue: RE137 October 2007

RAIL EXPRESS issue No. 137RE137: With special limited edition covers!

Inside the October issue:
News: The ORR approves new timetable for open access operator Wrexham, Shropshire & Marylebone Railway. Direct Rail Services purchases ex Eurostar Class 37s and recieves new EMD Type 5s. Grand Central misses its September start date. EWS wins china clay deal and Freightliner starts Polish freight operation with new coal service.
Features: RAIL EXPRESS speaks to Roundel Design boss Mike Denny, the man behind the Railfreight triple-grey sup-sector livery. We provide the story behind the latter scheme, copiously illustrated with the famous Railfreight calendar shots commissioned by BR in the late 1980s, before taking a closer look at the locomotives which gained Railfreight General squadron markings in the latest in our popular Retrospectrum series.
Columns: All your favourite monthly reading – Railtours, Traction & Rolling Stock, Unitary Authority, Irish Angle, etc.
Modelling: Grahame Hedges’s Stoney Lane Depot, which represents South London in the 1980s in ‘N’ gauge, is the star of this month’s RAIL EXPRESS Modeller magazine. There is also a review of the latest Chivers 4mm scale SR/BR wagons, while Mostyn builds up some LMS/BR brake vans from an etched kit.


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