UK launch for Freightliner Class 70

November 8, 2009

After two years of design and construction, Freightliner’s new GE Powerhaul locos hit the UK.

Nos. 70001 & 70002 are the first examples of a brand new main line locomotive design to arrive in the UK for over a decade.

AT AN EVENT at Newport Docks, Gwent, today (November 8th, 2009), representatives from Freightliner and General Electric unveiled the first two ‘Powerhaul’ locomotives to arrive in the UK.

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Freightliner reveals new Powerhaul livery

September 15, 2009

New pictures of the GE/Freightliner Class 70 have been released.

Freightliner Powerhaul livery

THE INTRODUCTION OF the new General Electric Class 70 ‘Powerhaul’ locomotives for Freightliner will also see a radically revised colour scheme and branding debut on the new machines. Pictures of the newly painted locos have been released by Freightliner and they are reproduced here.

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GE celebrates premiere of Powerhaul loco

September 24, 2008

The world premiere of GE’s PowerHaul™ engine and loco at InnoTrans.

GE Powerhaul locomotive - Euro spec

GE Powerhaul locomotive - European specification

GE TRANSPORTATION, A unit of General Electric Company and global technology innovator in the railroad industry, introduced today its new PowerHaul™ engine and locomotive at InnoTrans 2008 in Berlin, Germany. InnoTrans is the world’s largest rail exhibition attracting more than 75,000 attendees and 1,600 exhibitors from 90 countries.

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‘Powerhaul’ loco unveiled at Innotrans

September 24, 2008

‘The first of its kind” – Freightliner’s new GE shown off.

Freightliner/GE Powerhaul(tm) locomotive

Freightliner/GE Powerhaul locomotive

FREIGHTLINER GROUP LTD and GE Transportation have today launched images of the new ‘PowerHaul™’ locomotive (previously known as the Genesis project) being developed for the UK market at the InnoTrans show in Berlin. 30 of these locomotives where ordered by Freightliner last year and the first are due to be delivered in late 2009. GE unveiled a PowerHaul™ engine and model of the locomotive at the show.

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