UK launch for Freightliner Class 70

November 8, 2009

After two years of design and construction, Freightliner’s new GE Powerhaul locos hit the UK.

Nos. 70001 & 70002 are the first examples of a brand new main line locomotive design to arrive in the UK for over a decade.

AT AN EVENT at Newport Docks, Gwent, today (November 8th, 2009), representatives from Freightliner and General Electric unveiled the first two ‘Powerhaul’ locomotives to arrive in the UK.

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Freightliner reveals new Powerhaul livery

September 15, 2009

New pictures of the GE/Freightliner Class 70 have been released.

Freightliner Powerhaul livery

THE INTRODUCTION OF the new General Electric Class 70 ‘Powerhaul’ locomotives for Freightliner will also see a radically revised colour scheme and branding debut on the new machines. Pictures of the newly painted locos have been released by Freightliner and they are reproduced here.

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