New issue: REX166 March 2010

RAIL EXPRESS No. 166RE166: The best pictures of the wackiest workings!
Inside the March 2010 issue:

• News: Colas Rail Class 66s take over on ‘logs’, the Tories say hard won rail investment may be unaffordable, Grand Central threatens legal action over new ‘Eureka’ timetable, First GBRf wins West Highland alumina flow, Wembley Yard threatened with rationalisation, growing pains stall Class 70 revolution, NXEA employs a Class 20 on passenger trains!, Eurostar promises to buy new rescue diesels, and Network Rail strategy reports point to greater use of HS1 and reformation of the Class 460s.
• News in pictures: Irish Rail repaints RPSI 141 Class locos, Class 92 trialed on Mk. 3s ahead of sleeper use, Class 56 56098 gets Loadhaul livery and a Fastline Freight Class 66 visits Thorney Mill.
• Reviews: A new Atlas from the publishers of the Quail track diagram books brings a greater level of detail is reviewed, along with new DVDs from Sutton Park and Train Crazy, the latest volume of Freightmaster and a book which recalls South Wales’ colourful rail heritage.
• Feature: Thirty-five years have passed since David Rapson and members of the Merseyside Railway Society visited the Western Region junction station at Tiverton, now demolished. The Class 52s were still common power for many of the trains that thundered past, but they were slowly being usurped by Class 50s. The incredible variety of workings was recorded for posterity and the day’s obeservations are recalled in this feature.


• Railtours: ‘Westerns’, ‘Whistlers’ and ‘Choppers’ feature heavily in the 2010 plans of railtour promoters. Our columnist provides the highlights of the upcoming year’s railtours, with special focus on Spitfire, Pathfinder and Compass.
• Preservation: The East Lancashire Railway’s Class 37 fleet, which includes No. 37109, 37418 Pectinade and ‘Slug 6’ 37906, sees use on infrastructure duties on the Manchester Metrolink network – ‘Crompton’ 6525 also sees use as a shunter at Bury.
• Columns: Your favourite in-depth monthly reading –  Time Traveller, Messroom, Traction & Rolling Stock, Unitary Authority, Coaches, Wagons and Irish Angle, complete with superb supporting photography.
• Modelling: A special extended edition of our RAIL EXPRESS Modeller supplement has something for everyone. Richard Dockerill describes an incredible upgrade of the Lima ‘O’ gauge Class 33 and the Mostyn team refurbish stalwart Class 24 No. 24047 with twin five-pole motors. There are reviews of Hornby’s Mk. 3b DVT, the latest ViTrains’ Class 47s and S-Kits’ FEA-F railhead treatment train flat. Plus, we reveal our next special edition models in the form of a four ‘Heavyweight’ Class 37/7 locos in shadow privatisation freight operator liveries and a pair of Bachmann Class 03 shunters – your only chance to buy authentic BR blue era machines.

On sale via subscription and specialist distribution (Feb 26th) or from your local newsagent (Feb 27th).

2 Responses to New issue: REX166 March 2010

  1. Jack says:

    Another great edition! Can’t wait to recieve it thru Subscription! Good stuff guys!

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