New issue: RE163 December 2009

RAIL EXPRESS No. 163RE163: ‘Renationalisation’ for East Coast franchise.
Inside the December  issue:

• News: National Express East Coast finally runs out of cash forcing the Government to take over prematurely. Freightliner’s first pair of Class 70 ‘PowerHaul’ locomotives arrive in the UK, the DfT and Network Rail disagree over which key main line to electrify first – the Midland or Great Western routes, Freightliner loses the Humber-Kingsbury oil flow.
• News special: Stobart Rail and DB Schenker/Euro Cargo Rail launch the Spain to UK ‘Fresh Express’ service, providing a speedy and environmentally friendlier alternative to road transport of fresh produce.
• Reviews: Our lead review takes a look at a a new book covering the weird and wonderful world of international train-ferry wagons.
• Feature: Customer liveries, like those applied on behalf of Bardon, Stobart Rail, Malcolm Logisitics, are nothing new. Thornaby TMD kick-started the trend with 37501 in 1987, repainting it in the light blue of British Steel, a massive user of BR’s Railfreight division. The colours of the company, since renamed Corus, have also adorned Classes 08, 20 & 60 as well. Simon Bendall tells the story in the latest instalment of our popular Retrospectrum series.


• Columns: Your favourite in-depth monthly reading – Railtours, Preservation, Traction & Rolling Stock, Unitary Authority, Irish Angle, complete with superb supporting photography. Some columns feature expanded coverage such as a full shunter location listing.
• Modelling: Heljan announces another unsuccessful diesel class from the 1960s, the English Electric/Napier ‘Baby Deltic’ (Class 23) and shows off painted body samples of its forthcoming BTH Type 1 (Class 15), we review Dapol’s ‘N’ gauge Class 153 and ‘OO’ gauge MBA and MCA ‘Megaboxes’, there is a preview of our next limited edition – 37670 St Blazey T&RS Depot in DBS red – and Bachmann’s tasty looking JPA and MBA wagons, plus there is the final part ouf the epic detailing feature on late-Doncaster Class 56s, Nos. 56075 & 56102.

On sale at the Warley show (Nov 21st/22nd), via subscription (Nov 24th) or from your local newsagent (Nov 26th).


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