New issue: RE157 June 2009

RAIL EXPRESS No. 157RE157: Advenza receives its first Class 66
Inside the June issue:

• News: Advenza Freight’s first Class 66/8 leaves Glasgow Works, National Express admits that its East Coast main line franchise is unsustainable, while we publish the first pictures of General Electric’s new ‘Powerhaul’ locomotive for Freightliner. Direct Rail Services snatches the Yarmouth and Lowestoft ‘drags’ from Cotswold Rail. First GBRf secures Whitemoor Yard extension. Network Rail electrification report again highlights Great Western and Midland main lines for wiring up.
• Feature: We present the first part of David Rapson’s feature on diesel-hauled passenger train on the North Wales coast line, which looks at the 1950s-80s period. Incredibly, it’s been 50 years since the first diesel locomotives took over on these famous services from Chester to Holyhead.
• Nostalgia: Two decades ago, ARC followed Foster Yeoman’s lead by ordering General Motors Class 59 locomotives, while Yeoman itself was about to recieve its fifth Type 5. Plus the railway, current affairs and pop music news from 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 years ago.


• Columns: Your favourite in-depth monthly reading – Railtours, Preservation, Traction & Rolling Stock, Unitary Authority, Irish Angle, complete with superb supporting photography. Some columns feature expanded pictorial coverage.
• Modelling: The Wath arm of the Woodhead route is the subject for our main layout feature, as we visit Alan Whitehouse’s 2mm Finescale Mini-MSW. There is a review of Dapol’s ‘N’ gauge Class 156, which shows some impressive features that we’d like to see more of in 4mm scale, while the Barrowmore Group shows off the latest developments to its ‘P4’ Mostyn layout, including the first image of the extended layout set up in the clubrooms.


2 Responses to New issue: RE157 June 2009

  1. Stephen Connell says:

    In my recent issue re157 pages 23 to 38 are missing but i do have pages 39 to 46 twice was this an all issue error or will my magazine become a collectors item, if it was across the board will these pages be available to read online or be reprinted in a later issue.P.S. love the magazine, would love if you could do more full page (posters) pictures either inside front or rear cover if not a centre page spread even if its a montage of one train with all the liveries it wore over its life

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Stephen,

      This is a problem that we are aware about, but it only hit a small batch. Give us a ring on 01780 470086 and we’ll send you a new copy.

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