New issue: RE155 April 2009

RAIL EXPRESS No. 155RE155: Wrexham & Shropshire cuts services!
Inside the April issue:

• News: Direct Rail Services announces its next Carlisle Kingmoor Open Day event, to be held later in 2009. Open access operator WSMR is forced to axe one service and truncate another as revenue suffers because of the downturn, meanwhile, Grand Central takes two ‘Adelante’ DMUs to increase the number of trains it runs. There are more details of Hitachi’s IEP ‘Super Express’, which will be produced in six variants. South West Trains is to replace its Lymington 3-CIG EMUs with Class 158 DMUs!
• Feature: The Trafford Park Estate Railway was a fascinating industrial route in Manchester which saw a renaissance between the late 1980s and 2000 as several major customers started using the line. Rail freight historian David Ratcliffe chronicles the latter story of the line, which was shunted mainly by ex-BR Class 08 machines.
• Nostalgia: Five decades ago, British Rail launched its new ‘Condor’ overnight freight service, which was infamously booked for two of the ‘Metrovick’ Co-Bo locomotives. Plus the railway, current affairs and pop music news from 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 years ago.


• Competition: We have six pairs of tickets for the DRS Kingmoor open day to give away. The event will be held in the summer, but as ever the number of tickets available to the public is limited.
• Columns: Your favourite in-depth monthly reading – Railtours, Preservation, Traction & Rolling Stock, Unitary Authority, Irish Angle, complete with superb supporting photography. Some columns feature expanded pictorial coverage.
• Modelling: We visit Wheal Elizabeth, a 18.83mm/’P4′ Cornish china clay layout built by Andrew Ullyott for the Scalefour Society/DEMU D&E layout challenge. There are also reviews of the latest batch of Class 37s and 47s from Italian manufacturer ViTrains, while there is an official annoucement of RAIL EXPRESS’ next limited edition model, the Fastline Freight Class 66/3, based on the well regarded Bachmann ‘OO’ gauge model. A DCC sound option may also be produced if demand warrants it!


One Response to New issue: RE155 April 2009

  1. toby miller says:

    in may’s or June’s issue,

    show open days at eastleigh and other places like forthcoming open days.
    just an idea of what you could put in it.

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