D9016 saved… and to go main line!

You can’t keep controversial ‘Deltic’ D9016 down!

Deltic D9016 Gordon Highlander

CLASS 55 No. D9016/55016 Gordon Highlander, the ‘Deltic’ owned by Harry Needle Railway Company and under threat of being scrapped for spares, has been saved in a surprising twist.

In a fascinating move, Direct Rail Services has confirmed that it is the new owner. The good news is that the long-term future of the English Electric Type 5 has been secured and the Carlisle-based company is working with HNRC to return the locomotive to operational condition.

Although it is not been planned for an immediate return to service, DRS is confident that the locomotive will appear back on the main line in the future. The Gordon Highlander name will be retained although at this stage DRS would not comment on the possibility of a new livery or its possible use on charter operations.

Photograph caption: With around 30 seconds of preservation service left ahead of it, Gordon Highlander puts up a fine last performance as it arrives at Rowsley with the 16.46 service from Matlock on September 28th. Phil Chilton


3 Responses to D9016 saved… and to go main line!

  1. Brian Rushbrooke says:

    I wish DRS all the luck in the world, we cannot let these magnificent machines go to scrap!!!

  2. Paul Brooks-Burke says:

    DRS, like the Rock Island Railroad in the US, never saw a diesel that it did not like! Lets hpoe it survives, unlike RI.
    Whilst the move is very welcome you have to wonder about DRS’s traction policy, which seems all over the place compared to say, Freightliner and GBRf.

  3. lastarial says:

    We all know what happened to the Rock Island! DRS’ traction policy (not including the ‘Deltic’) makes sense when you consider the type of trains that it runs, compared to, say, FLHH or EWS.

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