GE celebrates premiere of Powerhaul loco

The world premiere of GE’s PowerHaul™ engine and loco at InnoTrans.

GE Powerhaul locomotive - Euro spec

GE Powerhaul locomotive - European specification

GE TRANSPORTATION, A unit of General Electric Company and global technology innovator in the railroad industry, introduced today its new PowerHaul™ engine and locomotive at InnoTrans 2008 in Berlin, Germany. InnoTrans is the world’s largest rail exhibition attracting more than 75,000 attendees and 1,600 exhibitors from 90 countries.

The newly developed 16-cylinder PowerHaul engine serves as GE Transportation’s most technologically advanced locomotive engine to-date. The PowerHaul engine is designed to power GE’s new global diesel-electric PowerHaul™ Locomotive Series. This new engine combined with other technologies from GE is projected to reduce PowerHaul Locomotive fuel use by up to 9% compared to current operating fleet averages.

The 3,700 GHP engine is European Stage IIIa compliant and Ecomagination certified. Ecomagination is a GE-wide commitment to developing technology designed to help customers satisfy environmental challenges, to maximize performance and reduce cost.

“The new PowerHaul engine significantly increases fuel efficiency while lowering emissions,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, President and CEO of GE Transportation. “PowerHaul Locomotives are designed for cost-effective long-haul operating range, high tractive effort and haulageability, long-term emissions compliance and reduced life-cycle cost.”

GE Transportation’s PowerHaul Locomotive is based on the company’s global Evolution® Series locomotive platform introduced in 2005. With more than 2,800 units in use today, the Evolution Series locomotive is one of GE Transportation’s best-selling products worldwide. The 4,400 GHP engine delivers 5% higher fuel efficiency and a 40% reduction in emissions over previous locomotive engines. GE’s locomotive reduces fuel consumption by approx. 300,000 gallons, or more than 1,1 million liters, over the life of the locomotive.

GE Transportation already applied Evolution Series technology to serve its global base of rail customers. On Sept. 1, 2008, GE Transportation delivered the first of 300, 6,000 GHP China Mainline locomotives to the Ministry of Railways P.R. China. Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), Kazakhstan’s state-owned national railway company, ordered 310 Evolution-based locomotives in 2006. In addition, Rio Tinto Iron Ore received forty 4,400 GHP heavy haul Evolution Series locomotives to support its mining operations in Australia’s Pilbara region in 2008.

GE Powerhaul locomotive - UK spec

GE Powerhaul locomotive - UK specification

The PowerHaul engine represents GE Transportation’s first entry to the UK and European market place. UK-based Freightliner Group Ltd placed an order for 30 PowerHaul Locomotives in Nov. 2007. The purchase represented the largest order of freight locomotives in Freightliner’s history. GE’s first PowerHaul PH37ACmi Locomotives are scheduled for delivery in Q4/2009.

Apart from the new 16-cylinder PowerHaul engine, GE Transportation showcases a variety of other products at InnoTrans, including its modernization capabilities, GE’s Trip Optimizer and RailEdge, an integrated traffic control and information system. GE’s Trip Optimizer automatically controls a locomotive’s throttle to keep a train on schedule while minimizing fuel use. Trip Optimizer has already demonstrated up to a 10% fuel savings and emissions reduction compared to manual throttle control.

GE Transportation features a 311D modernization of Poland’s M62 locomotive at Track G9/2. Modernizations provide a cost-effective solution to extend the life of a fleet while upgrading performance and lowering operating and lifecycle costs. GE Transportation has performed more than 900 modernizations worldwide.

“GE Transportation’s M62 modernizations increased fuel efficiency by 20% and trailing tonnage by up to 50% while reducing overall life-cycle cost,” said Brett BeGole, General Manager of Global Locomotive Operations at GE Transportation.

GE Transportation’s commitment to fuel-efficient rail technologies does not end with the Evolution Series and PowerHaul locomotives. The company developed a diesel-electric hybrid prototype. Bearing road number 2010, the 4,400 GHP Evolution Hybrid locomotive will feature a series of innovative batteries that will capture and store energy dissipated during dynamic braking. Battery technology will reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 10% when compared to the existing Evolution Series locomotive. The company anticipates a pilot program launch in 2010.


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